Mountain Man Bridge Mix 06095

Santa Fe Sizzle 04136

Foiled Eggs & Bunnies 20010

Trolli Gummy Bears 08107

Gourmet Vanilla Sea Salt Caramels 07497

Large Chocolate Basket 20001

All American Taffy 07184

Cocoa Dark Chocolate Almonds 06115

Twelve Tastes Basket 70000

Bounty Basket 70030

Welcome Mountain Man Nut & Fruit Customers

We are pleased to launch our new website and hope that you enjoy your visit!

We are migrating all existing customer accounts from the old website. However, in order to increase your account security, we will require you to reset your password. This is necessary for the soon-to-be-added social network login feature and will require two actions to complete the process — of which you, the customer, will only need to complete Step 2.

Step 1. We reset all customer passwords to a secure password.

Step 2.  Each customer's email associated with their existing Mountain Man website account will remain the same on the new site. You will need to login here and click on the Forgot your password? link. This will take you to a web page which will require your email address for your account. As long as you enter your correct email address on file, you will be emailed a new password. Once you login with the new password, you may change it, so long as it meets the required password strength criteria. 

OR, you may choose to create a brand new account with a different email and password.



If you are paying with PayPal and sending gifts to another address, you must add the shipping address inside your PayPal account for the order. This must be done in order to ensure that your gift is delivered to the correct address. Thank you!