Gourmet popcorn kernels popped to perfection in our industrial air poppers. We then add mono-saturated sunflower oil, butter that is dehydrated (to present only the butter flavor, without any of the fat), real cheese, and sea salt.  Mouth watering and delicious tasting popcorns for you to enjoy! Whether your favorite is Buttered and Salted Popcorn, Amazing Cheese flavored - Cheese Popcorn.  Not a bad snack for the tastebuds for sure, but also a healthy snack for the body! Or, if you prefer sweet tasting Caramel Corn, Mountain Man has the best you'll ever taste, we have you covered.

Product Image Weight+ Item Name Price
05493 Cheese Corn - 5 oz. 0.5

05493 Cheese Corn - 5 oz.

Perfectly blended for a bold, cheesy taste Ingredients:  Buttered Popcorn [Popcorn, Soybean Oil, Natural Butter Flavor, Coloring (Tumeric &...


05401 Caramel Corn - 1/2 lb. 0.7

05401 Caramel Corn - 1/2 lb.

One taste and you'll be back for more. Ingredients:  Brown Sugar, Popcorn, Dextrose, Corn and/or Sunflower Oil, Butter Flavoring, Lecithin (an...


05461 Plain Popcorn - 1/2 lb 0.7

05461 Plain Popcorn - 1/2 lb

Guaranteed fresh.  Buttered and Salted. Ingredients:  Popcorn, Sunflower and/or Corn Oil, Salt, Soybean Oil, Natural Butter Flavor,...