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From our inception, Mountain Man has been about much more than just making money. Obviously profits matter, so we can continue to do what we do, but we have always sought to help where we thought we could make a difference. Mountain Man For More is a program to solidify our efforts to give to those that need it. We will be branding several items each month as Mountain Man For More products and giving a percentage of the sales proceeds from those items to the non-profit groups that we have partnered with:

New Hope Girls
– An organization based in the Dominican Republic that provides jobs for women living in the barrio and a safe house for vulnerable girls.
The CAC – An after school program in the heart of east St. Louis, one of America’s most dangerous cities. The CAC is dedicated to helping restore the community around them and bring hope into the lives of the kids that they serve every day.

Mountain Man For More Products

Malted Milk Balls
Sante Fe Sizzle
WE have chosen our best selling product to represent Mountain Man For More. A PErcentage of each of these bags sold will be donated back to our partners. 

Our Partners So Far

New Hope Girls

New Hope Girls

New Hope Girls provides rescue for girls and jobs for women coming from the darkest of places in the Dominican Republic. Their safe house for girls is a place where restoration and transformation take place. New Hope Girls also employs women in their workshop where bags are made for the New Hope Girls line. The proceeds made from each sale go back into the organization and make it possible to continue providing rescue, refuge and restoration.

Their vision from the beginning has been to dream for the girls in the barrio the same dreams they have for their own daughters. The New Hope Girls family is constantly growing and they are truly blessed by the growth they have experienced since they began back in March 2011. Their goal is to continue expanding their workshop and hire more women who are given the opportunity to provide for their families with dignity. New Hope Girls is committed to break the cycle of poverty and exploitation one girl at a time.

New Hope Bags
New Hope Bags
New Hope Bags

the workshop

The Workshop is a place where the women in the barrios of the Dominican Republic can provide for their families. Many women have several children with no husband to provide for them. The New Hope Girls workshop provides jobs for these women and a work environment that is safe and empowering. It has become a sacred space for our women to come and grow not only as artisans but also as individuals who are in their own process of transformation and beauty. The women are paid fair wages for their work and all the money that New Hope Girls makes goes back to helping support the women at the workshop!

The New Hope Workshop
New Hope Employees
New Hope Workshop
New Hope Workshop

The Safe house

The workshop is only part of New Hope Girls operations, they also work with young vulnerable girls in an effort to rescue them form the slave trade industry. The Dominican Republic is a hub for the sex trade and these girls are extremely vulnerable to predators who only want to exploit them. ‘La Casa De Luz y Esperanza’ a.k.a. The House of Light and Hope is the name of the safe house that New Hope Girls has built for their girls. When they first started they were located in what could barely be classified as a house with no running water and dirt floors. Now they have a space where the girls that they have rescued can learn, grow, and explore what it means to live in a place marked by security, trust and consistency.

New Hope Girls Safe house
New hope Girls
New Hope Girls School
New Hope Girls Safe House
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