<p>Mountain Man offers you a huge variety of Signature Trail Mixes and Snack Mixes as well as traditional ones. You can choose from Trail Mixes such as: Peanut Mine, Harvest Harmony,&nbsp;Citrus Sunrise, Cinnamon Almond Appleanche,&nbsp;Cranberry Bonanza, Chocolate Cherry Crunch, Mountain Man Gorp, Fielder's Choice, Sesame Nut Mix, Fuji Fire, Sunshine Mix, South of de Boulder, Mountain Jubilee, Sante Fe Sizzle, Inferno, Powder Keg, Sweet Explosion, Trail Drive, Jungle Jumble, Paddlewheel, Cashew Almond Cranberry Crunch, Nuts About Fruit, and Back Country Mix. Snack Mixes (savory mixes without nuts or fruits, instead they have pretzels, crackers, stix, chips, etc.) such as Canyon Crunch, Baja Party Mix, Royal Gorge, and&nbsp;The Great Cheese Roundup. Something for everyone's pallet.</p>