Sugar Free Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears - 8 oz, 07004

Now a sugar free option for our favorite milk chocolate covered gummy bears! 8 oz

Please note! This is a heat sensitive product and requires protective shipping service to ensure that the product gets to you in good condition. Please check your weather to see if it will be about 75° Fahrenheit or higher during transit and then add protective shipping during checkout.

(Nutritional Information Coming Soon!)

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  • 07004


8 oz Bag

Ingredients: (coming soon!)

Product of USA
  • WEIGHT .5 lb.
  • Extremely Heat Sensitive Chocolates: Exposure to temperatures above 75 degrees will cause chocolate to break down and appear "grey" or "milky". Melting will occur above 75 degrees. Non-chocolate wrapped candies will stick terribly to their wrappers if exposed to heat.