Pistachio Orchards - Pistachios on Tree

Over the years, Mountain Man Nut & Fruit Co. watched as the prices of pistachios continued to rise. We wanted to keep our prices low enough that customers would buy our product, but it was becoming increasingly difficult with the current state of things. We decided to cut out the middleman and buy our own orchards...

In 2013, opportunity knocked when a small 44 acre pistachio orchard came up for sale, and we happily became pistachio farmers. In addition to this already pistachio producing orchard, Mountain Man purchased an additional 1,950 acres for the future development of pistachios, walnuts and pecans.

Fast forward to today and we are now able to produce all our own pistachios and are able to save our customers money because our costs have gone down substantially.

  • Our Pistachio Orchards - New Pistachio Trees

    New Pistachio Trees

  • Our Pistachio Orchard - Grown Pistachio Trees

    Mature Pistachio Trees

Pistachios are among the healthiest nuts, but they can also be some of the most expensive, due to the difficulties it takes to grow them. Like most nuts, pistachios trees take a long time to grow and mature. For the first couple years of a pistachio tree’s life, it does not produce nuts, or if it does, it is just a small amount. In fact, from the time a pistachio tree is originally planted, it takes about 7-10 years for it to start bearing a significant crop. Pistachio trees are also alternate-bearing or biennial-bearing, meaning the harvest is heavier in alternate years. A huge crop one year will mean that the next year's crop will be smaller. Another difficulty in growing pistachio trees is that they need a very specific climate in which to grow and mature. It must be very hot and dry during the summer months but then needs to be cool enough during the dormant months of pistachios life cycle for the tree to grow properly.

  • Our Pistachio Orchards - Pistachio Collectors during Harvest

    Pistachio Collectors during Harvest

  • Our Pistachio Orchards - Harvested Bins of Pistachios

    Harvested Bins of Pistachios

With the help of local farmers in Arizona, Mountain Man has been able to produce very successful pistachio crops. Each year in September, they harvest the pistachios by shaking the trees until all the nuts fall, then they bring the pistachios to their facilities for processing. There, they remove the husks, clean, and dry them, as well as dry roasting and salting the pistachios. The pistachios are then ready to be shipped to Mountain Man’s Colorado warehouse where they can be packaged and sold.