Apricot Brazil Nut Balls

Apricot Brazil Nut Balls

Learn how to make Apricot Brazil Nut Balls, these delicious healthy treats. Made with simple and healthy ingredients. Apricots, cinnamon, brazil nuts, and honey! They are packed full with healthy fats, proteins, and vitamins and they are tasty.



  • Place the brazil nuts, vanilla powder, cinnamon, and salt into a food processor and pulse a few times until you get coarse crumble. 
  • Add the dried apricots and process until they all break-up and start forming a dough. If it’s not sticking together well, add dates or more apricots.  
  • Once the dough is sticky enough form balls, roll them into balls and place on a tray. 
  • You may drizzle some honey on the top of them to add some extra flavor.  
  • Store in the fridge in an airtight container. They should keep for 1-2 weeks. Or store them in the freezer for 1-2 months and just defrost a few every time you want a snack! 
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