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Welcome Mountain Man Nut & Fruit Customers

Not Just Another Pretty Face. Good. Healthy. Good & Healthy. Folks are looking for the best snack they can find today, and they want it to satisfy a lot of different needs. Some want low fat. Others, low sugar. Fiber content is important, and others are looking for no added colors or flavors. Non-GMO is a big buzzword, along with gluten-free. No matter what the variable you are looking for, Mountain Man can help. We have products that fit all of the above criteria. Our name is “Nut & Fruit” for a reason, and we have been blending unique tastes for very specific dietary needs for over 30 years.

We also know how to create indulgences that are second to none when that craving hits for something sweet & decadent, and that is also why we have been creating our own chocolate specialities for the same amount of time. Are these going to help you lose weight? Not a prayer. But we can guarantee you have never tasted anything as good, or as simple, as our chocolates with no additives or preservatives.

Need the power-providing food to finish a soccer game or that mountain hike? Mountain Man has you covered. Looking for a high-fiber, high-nutrient natural goodness with good fats that your body needs? Any one of our nuts or nut mixes will do the trick. No matter what you choose, we promise the quality & freshness will be second to none.

We want your shopping experience to be seamless, so if you have issues, please call us at (800) 225-0045 or go to contact page. Thank You for your patronage!


weather mapHEAT SENSITIVE: If your shipment will travel thru temps over 75º, please choose Protective Shipping at checkout Step 4 to ensure products such as chocolates do not melt. To check nationwide temps, click on the map.


Mountain Nut & Fruit Company was started in 1977 by Dave Conner who began selling gift baskets of his own roasted nuts to make ends meet. Mountain Man now operates a 67,000 square foot facility in Parker, Colorado, where we roast, mix, manufacture chocolate and package. We also contract with other manufacturing partners for products that they make to our specifications. 


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